Worl Stonewall

Paladin of the Clerics of Fire Eyes


Worl is a Shield Dwarf with dark red hair, full beard and mustache. If you ever saw him without his hat or helm, you would see that much of the top of his head is bald.
He stands 5 ft. 7 in. and weighs in at around 200# and is 58 years old. (relatively young for a Dwarf)
When he expects trouble, he wears chain mail and carries a battleaxe and a shield emblazoned with a bronze mask.
Off duty, he often wears leathers used for his smithing of weapons and shields.
He has a grim disposition.


I am Worl Stonewall, son of Vilm Stonewall, grandson of Trak Stonewall, Great grandson of Varn Stonewall, Lord of the Bronze Mask of the barakor (“those who shield”). I am the last of my line.
I am young, by dwarven standards, but aged by experiences both good and bad. I was assigned duty at the Biervasser mining outpost when it was attacked by greenskins. I somehow managed to rally the miners, picks and axes in hand, to a victory. I became a camp hero. I did not like the attention. When the Clerics of Fire Eyes (clerics of Gorm Gulthyn) got word that the great grandson of a Lord of the Bronze Mask had done such a thing, I was charged as “barakor” (those who shield) of that small outpost. I did not like the attention.
One day at the outpost we were again attacked by greenskins. This time they were out for vengeance. Among their war party were several summoners calling upon their dark magiks to summon devils and daemons to fight for them. In short, they wiped us out. I am not sure how I survived, but when I awoke from my week long coma, I found that only two had survived. The other was still in a coma. Was it Gorm that saved me? Unlikely. Gorm gladly gave his life for his people. Did the greenskins leave me to suffer, hoping my failure to protect would haunt me, as it most likely will. Or was it Gorm’s will, to teach me?
I am Worl Stonewall, Paladin of the barakor. I will protect.

Worl Stonewall

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