The Return of Delzoun (The Curse of Strahd)

The fall of the citadel

Nommi saw the horde approaching – seeing his comrades get cut down by the scores. They were finished… He turned to find his commander, just in time to see an Ice Giant cleave off his arm and part of his leg. The giant screamed in triumph as the blood soaked the corridor. Nommi heard the yell – turning to look back up the corridor he saw a tall red headed dwarf motioning him to come towards him frantically. He yelled out :”Come now – we are sealin’ the passage!”

Then more screams erupted from down the passageway and foul cursing and uttering could be heard above the din of battle. Out of the darkness three goblin mages called out dark magic which opened an unholy portal. Out of the gatway deamons hungrily appeared up around the red headed knight. Nommi – knew at once the paladin was in trouble and there was not hope for his Brigade – he flung himself at the deamons – as he did the last way back to the Citadel was sealed. The devils slashed and tore at them and Nommi fell to their blows…

When he awoke he was on a litter next to the red haired knight – they were above ground in the cold forest – the Citadel had fallen a week ago, they were on their way to Citadel Felbarr to ask for help.


Giants, and demons. Two of my least favorite things, and both are featured in this episode. Shudder.
I’m glad that Nommi escaped with his life!…

The fall of the citadel

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