Dwarf tossing

Dwarf Tossing was one of the main tactics of the Wilddwarf Brigade. Typically it involved pairs of dwarves holding a plank on which another Wilddwarf stood; the pairs subsequently tossed their target dwarf into battle.

These were generally Wilddwarf battleragers who dunned suits of spiked armor, drank liquor before battle and literally threw themselves upon their enemies.

Proposed game effect for Nommi:

Dwarf Tossing:
Action to ready(stand on plank) – another dwarf jumps on plank on his turn: part of move action + jump check? DC12…
15/30 6 to hit 2d6 +1d44 dam, DC13 con save or prone

Nommi takes 2d6 ,DC13 con save or prone

Dwarf tossing

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