Nommi is a cantankerous smelly drunk dwarf


Dour in nature and if his spiked armor didn’t alert you to his personality, you may have rolled a 1 on your insight check…

He loves to drink and carouse in the grittier low-end bars. His pride comes in his service as a soldier in the Wilddwarf Brigade. He is a battlerager – elite front-line spiked armor infantry unit. First line of defense for the Citadel against marauding giants, goblinoids and drow. There favorite tactic – Dwarf tossing – where they would send a spiked armor wearing ally flying through the air, headlong into the ranks of their enemy.

He has no family that he discusses or anyone has seen (no one knows his family name) – he is either on duty or at the bar, most of the time he finds his way back to the barracks, usually with a bloody nose and fists. He is a devote worshiper of the dwarven god Hanseath (war, alcohol and carousing). Behind the gruff he is someone you want to be fighting by your side – he will die to protect his friends, allies and country.

His face is mostly covered by a thick black beard and long knotted hair. His body is covered in tattoos of dwarven heroes, runes and pin-up dwarven women – with really hairy bushes. His battle axe and armor are in impeccable condition but the rest of him is rather unhygienic.

Recently he has been assigned to the Lowroad – some say his fighting may have gotten out of hand – but for whatever reason he was reassigned – Nommi is none too pleased with this..



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