The Dwarves of Citadel Abdarr


Citadel Adbarr was a fortress named for King Adbarr, the ancient dwarf who began its construction in -370 DR2 and completed it in -272 DR34 during the waning years of ancient Delzoun, making this the last shard of that once mighty dwarven kingdom. The Citadel consisted of a massive fortified fortress that provided surface access to miles and miles of defensive granite corridors, tunnels, and hallways that wind their way under the Ice Mountains. The city can house up to 60,000 dwarves in relative comfort, though less then a third of that number were usually present.

New Campaign for the Lords of the Dork Lair:

Andrew – DM

All dwarf party – Shield Dwarves

Ian – Bard – Ulfgar
Ben – Rogue –
Vance – Paladin – Worl Stonewall
Jim – Wizard –
Gianca – Battlerager – Nommi

The Return of Delzoun (The Curse of Strahd)

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